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Lincoln Center

Reimagined Lincoln Elementary School


Welcome to Lincoln Center, Reimagined Lincoln Elementary School, designed to bring community together.


Lincoln Elementary School has been part of the community since 1948.

Just before the closing in 2015 it was home to 168 students grades KG-5.


We can still imagine halls filled with kids running to their classrooms. 

Now, It is home to diverse group of tenants and offers visitors everything from fresh baked bread to craft beer, from yoga to crossfit and lots more.


We are proud to be part of the community that grew up with our school, and we are dedicated to build our story on the foundation of Lincoln Elementary.

We also believe in community engagement and are working with our members to build projects special to our neighborhood and the city.

So join us and be part of the beautiful story and a great adventure!


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Among 12 merchants are Goat Patch Brewery,  craft brewery with the mission to give back to the community, Nightingale Bread, traditional bakery responsible for fresh bread smell in the hallways of the school, competing with the smell of roasting coffee at Building 3 Coffee Roasters.

Vendors also include Lincoln St Barbers, the best barber shop in town. 

You should definitely stop by and try healthy lunch menu at Cafe Red Point.


Our newest special addition is Flipshack, which occupies the school gym, bringing gymnastics and fitness education for kids and adults. They complete our community and bring additional special touch. 

Please see the complete list of vendors on the list below.

For more information and current offerings by our vendors, please click on the links below:

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2727 North Cascade Avenue

Colorado Springs, CO 80907

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